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How do models live in Turkey and Istanbul?

How do models live in Turkey and Istanbul?

Wed, June 15, 2016 | escort girls, escort models, Istanbul, Istanbul escorts, Turkey, Turkey escort

Turkey has long been a spoil beautiful views, high-income countries. Everything seems perfect and looks like the best place achieve your aims and dreams. You can work as a model, dancer, hostess, or provide services for escort support. But, like in every work in these areas girls have their own pros and cons.

Escort Modelling in Turkey

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The most attractive in terms of money - istanbul escorts. These work bring a stable, good earnings. There is an opportunity to go on an exotic island or at a closed event for influential guests. VIP support is carried out at social gatherings in elite company, which opens the curtain for long-term love. But you choose, not you. If the customer was in an advanced age diminutive Chinese man, and he obviously did not like it, you cannot refuse to cooperate. Moreover, often, the gathering does not end with a visit to the party, and to refuse a client in any way it is impossible, because the contract provides for the continuation. Rejection of offer does not show competence, and the agency is likely to want to break the contract. So, before you bet on this work, it is necessary to soberly assess their strength.

Modelling escort in Istanbul


Now the model or hostess fell themselves? In Istanbul, the best market for the start. In it are many countries which are various requirements and you can find something to do, having no strict parameters of 90-60-90. Eastern states like girls with good looks baby face, the so-called puppet face. In the southeast give preference strong face. The requirements for growth are not as strict as Europe is looking for thin persons with 180 cm and above, in Istanbul, wider range, from 171 cm. The big positive point is the awareness of the English fluently. Growing broad category also, if 25 you are the owner of good data, you will be happy to take work. The workflow can be several areas: fashion shows, photography for catalogs and magazines, performances in clubs, to welcome and entertain guests.

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